Instagram Recruiting Is Here. 4 Ways to Ensure You’ll Get Noticed //

“Keep in mind instagram recruiting means employers are looking at your Instagram posts and engagements to see how you communicate. In fact, Rachel Ford, president and co-founder of Ford Media Lab says, ‘Hiring managers look for both hard and soft skills, and it’s widely accepted that soft skills are the most difficult to teach.’ She explains, ‘Social media can provide clues to these ‘unteachable’ skills, like tone of voice, organization, and attention to detail.’”

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How To Take Better Profile Pics // Swipe Life -

For this image, angles are particularly important, so take note of where your camera is. Objects closest to the camera will always appear larger, and a slightly elevated camera angle while standing can offer a slimming effect, if that’s what you’re after, says Ford. “Pay attention to how you hold yourself. Keep limbs spaced from the body, face pinkies forward over thumbs, and watch your posture,” he adds.

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Ask FML: Should I reach out to brands I want to work with on Instagram?

Dear FML, I’m interested in working with brands on social media. A friend of mine suggested that I send them direct messages to introduce myself. Is this an effective strategy for getting on their radar? Sincerely, Desperately Seeking Brand Dollars

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How influencer partnerships work (and what you should charge)

Ready to monetize your social media presence? FML breaks down how influencer partnerships work, what compensation you should accept, and how to find these opportunities.

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The limitations of social media listening

Social media listening can be a valuable tool for understanding your consumer, tracking against the favorability of your competitors, and even staying on top of potentially disastrous PR situations; however, in order to hear it, it has to be trackable.

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