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Ford Media Lab is a creative agency based in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in social media, content creation, and serve as a think tank for creative projects. We are a small team of marketing strategists and content experts focused on delivering the services needed to find your audience and share your story.

The most successful brands on Instagram aren’t products – they’re people. The key to your brand’s success on social media is to personify your consumer and present a lifestyle around your product that resonates with them. If your brand was a person, who would she or he be? We specialize in helping you answer this question – and bringing your brand to life.
— Rachel Ford, CEO

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What's next? Life after being a Brand Ambassador. // Dan Q. Dao for - April 23, 2018

“You’re given the gift of seeing how sales teams and agencies interact and how marketers work with sales people to push products out to accounts,” says Ford. “You will be successful in the long run if you pay attention to what people need and learn how to cater to each of these groups.”

But while there’s no denying the value of a brand ambassador role for anyone looking to better understand the production and business side of the industry, it’s certainly not the last stop for bartenders who want to move up in the spirits world.


How to Take the Best Instagram Photos in a Dark Bar, According to Photographers // nickolaus for Supercall - March 21, 2018

“The best photos, in my opinion, are actually relatively simple,” Kyle says. “You want to focus on the subject, which is the cocktail. If you have a busy cluttered background it can get confusing.”

Cocktails with crazy garnishes should be in a simple environment to bring the emphasis to them, while simple cocktails like a Martini can have a little more going on behind them. Just don’t get stuck in a rut of doing the same shot over and over again.


The 7 Best Cocktail Places in NY // Behind the Scenes NYC - February 20, 2018

Named two of Saveur Magazine’s 15 Cocktail Instagrams to Follow in 2017Rachel and Kyle Ford of Ford Media Lab know cocktails.

Formerly cocktail bartenders and brand ambassadors for top spirit brands, Rachel and Kyle used their insider knowledge when creating 1806 Magazine.

To discover more of their favorite spots and behind-the-scenes stories of the people behind cocktail culture in New York City – including more about those listed below– pick up a copy of 1806 Magazine, Volume 1: New York City at Ford Media Lab (FML).