How to successfully leverage Instagram to boost bar business // Dave Eisenberg for Bevspot

“For bars and restaurants, using Instagram as an effective brand-building tool isn’t as simple as posting a picture of a pretty cocktail and encouraging followers to “smash that like button.” In truth, any one picture itself should play but a small role in a business’ broader social media campaign to tell its own story and connect directly with both pre-existing and potential new customers.

But leveraging the photo-sharing platform successfully can be a challenge, particularly for publicans that don’t have a grasp of the fundamentals of either photography or social media. This is okay too, because you don’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg or Ansel Adams to navigate this stuff. You need only to heed some advice from experienced users. And there are few people more qualified on the subject of Instagram, especially as it relates to framing alcohol and the life around it, than Kyle and Rachel Ford, the high school sweethearts turned husband and wife business team behind Ford Media Lab.”

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