Taking over a brand's Instagram: how to archive promoted posts

So, you’ve taken over a brand’s Instagram account and it’s time to clean house. You start by changing the password. Next, you begin to archive images that don’t fit the new grid, but there’s a problem; Instagram will not allow you to archive or delete “active promotions.” Here’s the catch: only the person who registered the promotion (which is not still active, by the way) can end it. What do you do?

Been there, figured it out; however, there’s no easy search that tells you how. He tried contacting Instagram (nearly impossible). Tried changing the password back so we could attempt to get the previous manager to take care of it (you can’t change a password back). We tried to Google the answer (nothing). Then Kyle had a genius idea…

Personal accounts can’t run promotions. In the settings, change the brand from a business account to a personal account and all promotions will automatically be ended. Next, go ahead and change the account back to a business account and archive away!

Sure, it seems almost too obvious; but now that we know it works, we hope it will save you the trouble of trying – and failing – to contact Instagram.