Redbreast Whiskey — Birds of a feather flock together

Redbreast Whiskey


Some brands just have that special something. Redbreast Irish Whiskey is one of those brands; the product is phenomenal, the community is loyal, and the praise is plentiful. 

With newly-launched US social media channels, Redbreast sought to quickly recruit and engage a community that existed but was not yet following them on social media. 

How does a brand grow and foster a highly-engaged following?


Conversation drives awareness. Data suggests that the more consumers are talking about your brand on social media, the more they are purchasing your product in real life. More and more corporations are relying upon social media listening tools to measure brand favor and quantify social media ROI. 

Using specialized tools to listen to consumers leads to a deeper understanding of the sentiment around your brand, as well as consumer behaviors and trends; however, listening is only half of the process. 

Social media is social; if you’re not participating in a two-way dialogue with your consumers, you’re not running the type of social media campaign that is necessary for success in today’s competitive marketplace. The key to a brand’s growth on social media is active listening and meaningful participation.


In October 2018, Redbreast Irish Whiskey hired Ford Media Lab to manage US social media platforms and drive community engagement. FML immediately began the process of active listening, observing not just tags and replies, but all brand mentions across multiple platforms. Users received timely and thoughtful responses, designed to create a meaningful conversation.

The expanding community began to rally, posting calls to action to follow the brand channels and sharing praise for the personalized engagement. Listening to the consumer preferences and behaviors allowed content to be tailored to resonate with the target demographic, further driving engagement. 

Redbreast’s social channels grew in following while activating a community of passionate brand loyalists.


Over an eight-month period of active listening and engagement:

  • Followers increased by 31.5%

  • Message Volume increased by 1,683%

  • Total Impressions increased by 82.2%

  • Engagements increased by 423.8%