Beefeater Gin - A Galentine’s Day Giveaway

Beefeater Gin


While the flagship Beefeater Gin Instagram account was widely followed with over 65K followers, the Beefeater Gin US team sought to establish their own brand presence on social media. Due to a successful global initiative, quality user-generated-content was plentiful, and the page was shaping up to visually represent the ethos of the brand; however, at just over 1,000 followers, it was not getting adequate exposure to grow the following. 

Sponsored posts were proving to add value by way of reach and brand awareness, but while users were engaging with the content, they were largely not opting to follow the page.

This newly-established US social channel needed more than just great content to attract followers; they needed to add value.


According to a 2019 report by social media management platform, Sprout Social, Instagram has nearly 2 million monthly advertisers, and Instagram ads are expected to account for nearly a quarter of all of Facebook’s ad revenue by the end of the year. With so much content ­– particularly sponsored content – posted daily on social media, it’s simply not enough to share and expect results. With the lack of a “follow now” ad button, even sharing a promoted post is not enough to grow following; users need to first click through and then follow – that’s two barriers to entry. 

To drive interest on social media, brands need to give users a reason to care. Users follow brands because of the perceived value that they add: the content makes them feel good, inspires them, or offers something they desire. One of the most effective ways to add value is to offer a giveaway or contest.

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Beefeater Gin hired Ford Media Lab to ideate a sweepstakes concept and create accompanying lifestyle content to promote a custom denim jacket giveaway for two occasions: Galentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. FML introduced Beefeater to It’s By Sam, an artist-based customization company specializing in creating personalized apparel and accessories for luxury and contemporary brands alike. It’s By Sam was commissioned to customize pairs of Levi’s denim jackets to be offered in an Instagram giveaway. Entrants simply followed the page and commented on the announcement post, tagging a friend (Galentine’s Day) or mother figure (Mother’s Day) to enter. To be eligibile, the friend also had to follow the page.

By offering the sweepstakes, requiring users to follow to enter, and promoting the announcement posts, Beefeater Gin was able to grow the Instagram following over the two giveaways by 20% and 12% respectively, increase reach by over 550% and achieve an average engagement rate of over 10%.

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Contest 1 Post Data: 

  • 272 new followers (+20% increase in followers)

  • Impressions 150,100 

  • Reach 116,100 

  • Engagement rate 13.58%

  • Average Engagement on Reach per post 17.01%

Contest 2 Post Data:

  • 256 new followers (+12% increase in followers)

  • Impressions 191,300 

  • Reach 144,700 

  • Engagement rate 7.20% 

  • Average Engagement on Reach per post 13.20%