Telling the defining Stories of Thirsty People.

1806 Magazine


Collectif 1806 is the trade advocacy division of the French-owned global spirits brand, Rémy Cointreau. A collective of bartenders and enthusiasts, the program seeks to inspire the future of cocktails through education and activations.

In 2016, the program recognized the need to create a brand material that would build favor for their portfolio of heritage and modern spirits, but the world didn’t need another cocktail book – particularly one presented by a brand.

How could they create a different type of brand publication, one that would both celebrate and endear the collective of “thirsty revivalists” who are the lifeblood of their program’s initiative?


Collectif 1806’s target demographic, the trade, is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds, unexpected passions and unique goals. The cocktail is rarely the most interesting element of the brand’s application; it’s the people pouring, consuming and celebrating the cocktail that give meaning to the product.

Many brands assume that their stories of history, heritage and innovation are interesting and compelling enough to build loyalty and captivate an audience; however, what they often fail to recognize is that consumers only care about the value a brand offers to their own lives.

Instead of telling the brand stories, the most effective messaging highlights the individuals to whom the brand is an invaluable component of their own story.


Ford Media Lab was hired by Collectif 1806 and Rémy Cointreau to concept and create 1806 Magazine, a 192-page print-only publication featuring the stories of over 20 individuals and just a handful of cocktail recipes. Each of the portfolio spirits was organically featured in imagery throughout the publication.

FML completely developed the first two volumes, each focusing on a different city and revealing a photographic and journalistic cross-section of its cocktail culture. The project sought to pay homage to a community-at-large that thinks outside the glass, while also highlighting Rémy Cointreau’s values of terroir, people and time.

Industry publication authority, Cocktail Kingdom, was strategically selected as the publisher for both volumes.


Production of Volume 1 began in November 2016 and was completed in January, 2017. 3,000 copies of Volume 1: New York City (sold out) were released in April 2017.

The launch of Volume 1 was celebrated at a launch party in New York City, drawing a crowd of the city’s most notable industry professionals. Those who contributed their stories were honored throughout the event.

Production of Volume 2 began in February 2017 and was completed in May, 2017. 3,000 copies of Volume 2: New Orleans (sold out) were released in July 2017.

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