fml. x Billykirk Camera Strap

fml. x Billykirk Camera Strap


One of a kind!

Well, actually one of three in the world. What we have here is the exact same camera strap used by The Fords during their daily adventures in photography, embossed with: FML.

We love Billykirk's No. 495 Camera Strap, as it is designed to last with strong hardware and American leather.  As Billykirk says, "The proof is in the patina." This strap ages beautifully as you break it in, adding a personal story to your camera setup.


  • Latigo Leather
  • Leather Weight: 6-7 oz
  • Nickel Plated Solid Brass Hardware


  • Strap Length: 36 1/2" - 46 1/2"


  • Black
  • Edged and Heat Branded
  • 13.5mm Triangle Rings (2)
  • 15mm Round Rings (2)

Made in the USA!

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