Social Media

Delivering 360-degree social media management via content calendars, profile management, post amplification, creative direction and consistent editorial tone. Our strategies have been used by established brands and start-ups alike, and may be used a la carte, as needed

Brand Strategy

It all starts with a clear vision. How else can you open the door to your brand's potential? We can help with that.

In order to work with us, we require a well-defined mission statement, detailed goals and objectives, and a specific target audience. If you already have all that, great! If not, we'll first work together to develop a unique brand identity that reflects your desired image.

We'll provide you with a formal identity manual, complete with mood-boards and guidelines to ensure consistency across all your brand's touch-points. The goal being: to establish authentic brand awareness and cultivate an emotional connection with your consumer.


Creating custom tailored content from photography to editorial copy, our creative work can be found all over brand websites, Instagram grids, and lifestyle magazines.

We also help brands integrate into a target lifestyle by utilizing our own social reach. The Fords are regularly tapped as micro-influencers for marketing campaigns and have worked alongside some of the best to design creative initiatives that raise brand awareness and relevancy.


Cocktails & Spirits?

If you've heard of FML in context of cocktails, that's because Rachel and Kyle once worked behind craft cocktail bars in San Francisco and New York. As award-winning mixologists, they went on to become ambassadors for major liquor brands and traveled the world for five years educating on potent potables. They now leverage their experience to consult on creative projects that capture the true spirit of fine spirits. FML also specializes in contextual and white-background cocktail imagery. Need cocktail photos or some professional bibulous advice? Reach out!