Kilpatrick Strainer — Kickstarting a revolutionary bar tool

Poor Man’s Kitchen


Poor Man’s Kitchen developed a game-changing bar tool that would solve a critical pain point for bartenders around the world. In hopes of funding production, PMK sought to launch a Kickstarter Campaign for their Kilpatrick Fine Strainer. Armed with just one prototype, PMK needed compelling imagery and dynamic video to virtually demonstrate the functionality and design.


Kickstarter uses an “all or nothing” funding model, meaning that funds are not collected unless a project meets its goal, yet statistics show that only 36.84% of Kickstarter campaigns receive funding.

The most successful products highlight a pain point and demonstrate how they serve as the solution. Without a tangible product for consumers to hold, it is imperative that the product speaks for itself through visual elements.


Poor Man’s Kitchen hired Ford Media Lab to create dynamic assets for use in the Kickstarter campaign, public relations outreach and social media. 

After identifying the key uses of the product, FML drafted a story board and captured professional photography of the Kilpatrick Fine Strainer in use. The still imagery was then compiled into a 60-second animated video, incorporating text to tell the story of the product and it’s purpose.

Utilizing these visual assets, Poor Man’s Kitchen was able to launch their Kickstarter campaign, pitch the product to media and share content to their social media channels. The project was fully funded, and production is now underway.


  • Delivery of 33 still images, showcasing the Kilpatrick Fine Strainer and its practical application

  • Creation of 1 60-second animated video, utilizing the product stills and text

  • PMK’s Kickstarter campaign raised $41,057 (well exceeding the goal of $25,000) toward product production of the Kilpatrick Fine Strainer

  • PMK was able to expand their product offering to include a copper finish model