Elder Greene: where everybody knows our name

Consider this feature a love letter to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Here’s what's good in our favorite neighborhood. Image credit: Ryan Baker, Ford Media Lab

Welcome to Elder Greene, a local watering hole blending seamlessly into the façade of Greenpoint’s brick-laden aesthetic.

Slinging crafted cocktails and other libations for almost two years, Elder Greene’s vibe seemingly throws you back a decade. The leather banquettes and paneled walls provide the speakeasy feel, only with big, bright windows. There’s room to breathe and classic Americana food to warm your belly and cure whatever ails you at the moment.

During the day, you’ll find the usual mix of local barflies and lucky tourists who meandered their way in. On a clear day, the seamless evening transition is marked by golden rays pouring through the blinds blanketing the bar as a cocktail is being made. On any given evening, you might catch us there.

Wandering in feels like you’re entering your own home. If you’re a regular, they’ll know your name, and with a slight gaze and smile they know it’s the same for you; your usual drink is already being prepped. Slide into this welcoming bar and enjoy a drink. We’ll meet you there.