Introducing FML Talent, connecting creators to brands

A Ford Media Lab production

FML TALENT, by Ford Media Lab, selectively represents creators and influencers in the development and management of business. We focus on strategic partnerships with brands to unlock creative marketing opportunities.

FML Talent was born when our longtime friend and once fellow bartender, Erick Castro, brought us an idea.

Erick had a problem; he’d spent decades hustling in business and it was paying off, but with so much interest in his work he didn’t have time to both manage the inquiries and execute it all. He knew that he was leaving opportunity on the table and that the solution was to find someone to act and advocate on his behalf. He thought Ford Media Lab could be that partner.

Our careers had run somewhat parallel for years – from bartenders, to ambassadors, to entrepreneurs. He believed that we uniquely understood the industry and available opportunities, and could make the necessary brand connections to help creators achieve their goals. We had to agree…

From that single idea, FML Talent was born, with Erick as our first management client. Today, FML Talent connects creators to brands, brands to creators, and manages influencer campaigns and advocacy programs. You could say we’ve got talent.

Interested in working with us/having us work on your behalf? Email