What's good in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Consider this feature a love letter to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Introducing “On Point,” a.k.a. what's good in our favorite neighborhood.

Image credit: Ryan Baker, Ford Media Lab

Image credit: Ryan Baker, Ford Media Lab

It’s unclear whether we chose Greenpoint, or if Greenpoint chose us. This charming neighborhood has it all: the wafting aroma of palo santo, year-round holiday decorations, the best pizza slice, incredible restaurants, tree-lined residential streets, pierogies, and Ford Media Lab. Greenpoint gets us, and gets it right.

Just a short ferry, subway, or ride share from the city, the northernmost tip of Brooklyn is the perfect place to drink, eat, and shop. We love it so much we want to share it with you. We’ll be featuring the local businesses that are completely on-point – from bars, to restaurants, to where you can get this epic slice – right here on the blog.

Promise you’ll stop by while you’re in the neighborhood?