What is Guerrilla Content Photography?

Image credit: Kyle Ford, Ford Media Lab

Image credit: Kyle Ford, Ford Media Lab

Instagram originated as a place to share images in real time: a raw, immediate glimpse into the day-to-day. Over time, it has become a platform for photographers of all skill levels to share their professional and creative work with a global audience. To many businesses, social media has become an extension of their marketing, advertising and public relations teams.

For today’s brands, maintaining authenticity in social media content can present a challenge; the real and raw is often overshadowed by marketing messaging, and even the best-intentioned “lifestyle” imagery can miss the mark and appear staged.

Surely there must be a form of content that captures the sweet spot where real-life and marketing intersect…

Following up on our previous post about Content Photography, we bring you a new FML definition: Guerrilla Content Photography.

“Guerrilla Content Photography is a form of spontaneous content photography, wherein the photographer relies on both timing and the unique elements of their surroundings to create exceptionally authentic imagery.”

Guerrilla Content Photography is captured as life happens. It’s on the fly, in real time, or from a distance while a scene unfolds. No poses, only the magic of the moment.

As with Content Photography, growing demand necessitates that a name be given to its niche. While the name may give you visions of photographing actual live gorillas (or perhaps being photographed by someone in a gorilla suit), Guerrilla Content Photography is created specifically to connect with a business’s audience in a spontaneous, authentic way.