Selfie central

Have you ever visited a location that made you ask yourself, "Which international tour book is this in?" We experience this feeling every time we exit our building (yes, we live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn). But seriously, which tour book?

Last week we rode our bicycles to DUMBO (which stands for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass"), where the two bridges frame a waterfront park. We were expecting tourists; we were not expecting mayhem. Surrounding the intersection on Water and Washington streets were hoards of people with various apparatuses for taking photographs: cell phones, selfie sticks, iPads, GoPros, and even professional cameras. It was comical to watch people compete for space to snap an image of their subject with the bridge in the background. Apparently it's a known thing, as evidenced by this article.

There were parents heeding their teens' requests to take sexy photos as others waited for their turn to get a shot.

There were people risking trespassing violations to get the perfect angle with the bridge in the background.

And it just wouldn't stop: partial nudity, supermodel posing, even pushing to get a clear view. Plus, the threat of cars trying to use the street as an actual street!

Here are a few more of our favorite photos of people taking and posing for photos. So meta.

Have any unexpected tourist locations of your own to share? Leave them in the comments below. We're always looking for interesting places to capture photos...