Back in the City by the Bay

Cable Car NWB.jpg

We just returned home from a week in California, a place we called home for most of our lives. Even though we've been in New York for nearly seven years now, we take any opportunity we can to go back. 

San Francisco in particular has a magical ability to stay just as we left it. Sure, there have been changes – which would probably be most apparent if we were still residents – but compared to New York's constant change, San Francisco remains familiar no matter how much time passes. 

On this trip we stayed in Union Square, just a few blocks from our former apartment. We spent time dining and drinking in North Beach and made it to the Mission for our favorite burrito. We strolled through Chinatown and sipped Martinis on a patio while the sun set... It was a perfect return in that all of our favorite things were just as great as we remembered – especially the burrito (and our friends, of course). 

Below are a few of our favorite San Francisco snaps: