Sharing how we get things done


Kyle was recently featured on the blog for sharing how we use their site to get things done. Even as a small team, it had previously been a challenge to organize our tasks and projects across people and departments; we had lists, bullet journals, sticky notes, email reminders... It was a passable system at best. 

We had long been fans of the Getting Things Done® system created by David Allen, but had yet to find a digital way to implement it. When we discovered and its customizable boards, we finally had a solution. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We are paying subscribers to and it has changed the way we manage our business operations. We liked them so much that we told them, and now we're sharing it with you.

Every member of the FML team has their own Action Board with six groups of pulses based upon the Getting Things Done® system: Inbox, Next Actions, Waiting For, Future Actions, Projects, and Someday/ Maybe. All work-related tasks flow through an individual's board to completion or gets delegated (moved) to another team member's inbox.

Our work-flow has moved away from being purely reactionary to being strategically proactive. Our Action Board template provides each member of our team with a bird's eye view of all work that needs to be done, sets task priorities, and ensures project completion. Thanks to's modern platform, we've been able to evolve our old pen and paper to-do lists in many useful ways. We can easily see what other team members are working on, add tasks to other team members inboxes, easily share files and feedback, and even edit our boards on the fly via the Android app. We now regularly find ourselves with more time on our hands to focus on additional creative and strategic endeavors, a happy side-effect of improved work-flow efficacy.

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