Meet the Fords

Your creative strategists and content experts.

Rachel Ford

Rachel Ford, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

Instagram: @rachel4d - 20.5k followers

After attending OTIS College of Art and Design for Fashion, Rachel earned a degree in Business, merging her creative talents with a keen understanding of brand marketing and strategy.

A love of creating a unique consumer experience led Rachel to the hospitality industry, where she made a name for herself internationally. Rachel went on to represent Tanqueray Gin as the National Ambassador, demonstrating unparalleled influence and strategic vision.

She is known as a figure in the world of media, appearing on Bar Rescue, and within the pages of Chilled, Cocktail Lovers, and The Daily Beast.

Kyle Ford

Kyle Ford, CCO & Principal Photographer

Instagram: @kyle4d - 27k followers

With a degree in Economics and Philosophy, Kyle began his professional life in Finance. Creative energies prompted him to quit his job, move cities, and make a name for himself in the world of craft cocktails and photography.

Kyle has since managed an international brand ambassador program for Rémy Cointreau, while becoming a micro-influencer on social media. His love and talents for photography, writing, and cocktails has served as basis for FML’s creative partnerships.

Kyle’s work and personality has been featured such places as Fox & Friends, VH1, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Wine Enthusiast, and Nylon Magazine.